Orphan Homes, a Study

There are umpteen number of children homes in the twin cities ofHyderabadand Secunderabad.

Focus of the Study:

Planeed to visit around 50 orphan homes to get answers for the following:

  1. What      is the motivation for the owners/coordinators to set up a Home?
  2. What      is the arrangement they make in terms of finance, resources to take care      of the Home?
  3. What      are the guidelines they set to select the children?
  4. When      there are many Homes, what is the necessity to set up a new home and how      different are they to others in the field?
  5. What      is the vision and goal for the Home?
  6. What      is the source of income?
  1.                                 i.            The monthly balance sheet – to what extent the external funding is received and to what extent the internal funding is required.
  2.                               ii.            Any support from govt.?
  3.                             iii.            Any support from well-established NGOs like Rotary, Lions. If so, if it is consistent?
  1. What      are the facilities provided to the children – the food being offered,      extra curricular activities (sports, library, cultural activities, excursions),      focus on health etc.,?
  2. Are      they open to take new children – for that do they need funding or do they      have wavelength (in terms of space and funding) to take up new children?
  3. Are      they open to send their children to other homes (provided they have trust      on them that children can be brought up well) if there is no hope of      funding?
  4. What      are the challenges in managing the Homes?
  5. How      are the challenges being faced? How do they tackle?
  6. What      are the guidelines of  the govt. for      setting up any Home?
  7. When      govt. registers a home, what does it actually mean? Is it that govt.      responsible for the orphans and what does it offer to the registered      Homes?
  8. What      are the schemes available, if any, under which the Homes can get a grant?
  9.  Does govt. have no right to inspect the      homes and verify how the children are being treated, if it does not give      any funding to the Home?
  10. How      many homes are registered and recognized by the Govt.?
  11. If      there is any complaint, whatsoever, on any home, to which department the      public should approach for an action?

The Purpose of the Study:

Most of the children homes are solely dependant on the generous contribution from donors. There is a general apprehension and aversion for approaching govt. due to red tapism and delay in getting the grant and the various conditions that they have to fulfill, the kind of documentation that they need to provide.

Despite the generous contributions from the donors, there is still a lot of requirement when it comes to matching the needs.

If there is any effort to take stock of all the homes in a city, the total no. of children, average expense for a child (all inclusive), the amount would be very minimal when compared to the people who can afford and are interested to sponsor a child.

When there are people interested to contribute, when there are established NGOs which are equipped enough to adopt a home and when there are children in homes, what is the gap and where is the gap?

The purpose of the study is to understand the sector more and this particular section of children and see how we can bridge the gap between the immediate community and the Home, the professionals and the Home, the various NGOs and the Home and above all the gap between different Homes.

I want to convene a meeting of Orphan Homes Mgmt., Various NGOs (Rotary, Lions etc.,) and Professionals (Doctors, Teachers, Artistes, Musicians etc.,).  to bring them on to a platform.

Agenda or Expectation of the Meeting:

The following are the expectations from the meeting:

Regular Interaction

  1. To      explore the option of coordination among the Homes and various      NGOs/Professionals/Govt. on a regular basis

Supporting the Homes

  1. To      request the Rotary, Lions and other established NGOs to adopt one home in      their respective zone and provide all kinds of support – financial, moral      and social.
  2. To      request professionals to consider visiting one such home once in a quarter      and offer their services
  3. Sensitize      the general public to look at the children at these homes as not orphans      but as the children who deserve a right to be brought up like any child      with parents and the orphan home owners try their level best to provide      facilities to children.
  4. To      encourage the community in the vicinity of the Homes to visit the homes      frequently and consider them as extended family.

Communication Gap

  1. To      discuss the role and responsibility of the govt. towards the orphan      children or children in need.
  2. To      discuss the problems of the Children Home Mgmt. when it comes to getting      govt. grants
  3. To      explore the possibility of transfering the children to other homes in the      platform (provided the children match the guidelines of the proposed new      home) if any Home lacks funding.
  4. To      explore the possibility of regular interactions among the children of      various homes and conduct any programmes regularly so that their view of      the children like them will expand and help them understand that there are      many people like them and being brought up in a home is an opportunity to      aim big and set high goals.

Programmes for Children

  1. To      explore the possibility of motivating the children aspiring for particular      profession by taking them to such places. Ex: If a child wants to become a      doctor, we can take them to a hospital and show them the work of a doctor      and understand the pros and cons of choosing the profession. Similarly      other professions too.
  2. To      explore the possibility of taking the children to excursions within the      city or outside, on a regular basis to expand their horizons and to show      them the world. If everyone comes together, we can do it.

Community-Specific Funding

  1. To      explore the possibility of getting funding from respective communities if      the children at homes are brought up in such a manner. Though the home      welcomes any orphan, if the children are brought up in line with      particular community or religion, we can explore the possibility of      sourcing the funds through such communities.


i. If the devotees of Shirdi Sai Baba or Sathya Sai Baba, set up a home and make the children do the bhajans and propogate their philosophy, then we can introduce such homes to the respective devotees, bhajan mandals and temples.

ii. If the followers of Jesus set up a home and bring up children as Christians, then we can approach various Churches for funding.

New Age Concepts

  1. Setting      up Rain Water Harvesting Pits to improve the ground water level and      drinking water availabiilty
  2. Growing      Kitchen Gardens
  3. Using      eco-friendly and indigenous products right from soaps, tooth paste to      clothes – to the extent possible
  4. Promoting      Yoga and Meditation
  5. Focusing      on imparting values to children right from the tender age
  6. Focusing      on these children and make sure that the children are vaccinated properly      against seasonal diseases and any epidemic


And anything and everything that can happen with a proper communication channel among all the stakeholders.

My Support:



  1. Being      the Founder of an NGO and Coordinator of a platform of like minded groups,      I will make sure that the info. of these Homes reach to wider public.


  1. Try to      raise funds for the immediate needs of one to five NGOs
  2. Act as      a facilitator to get grant from Corporates

Long Term:

  1. To      make every effort for a possible collaboration and regular communication      among the stake holders
  2. To      involve all stake holders and see if we can come up with any safe and      secure mechanism to give the orphan children in adoption to the interested      parents.

At the end of the day, children need a family with parents and siblings. No matter how many facilities are provided to these children, none can match the security of parents’ love and siblings’ care.

Let us take a step forward in this initiative and see how things unfold and learn the lessons in the journey.


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  1. I like you very much. Because all your words are coming from your inner heart. Please respond to me on my e mail address for more correspondance. I got a diamond leader for my top most priority issue. I am from Tamilnadu and now in Delhi. I am closely doing volunteerism with the NGOs working on homeless community issues, de-addiction, street children etc.
    with kind regards

  2. excellent idea!
    and we should share the names of those NGOs which do not cooperate to allow or respond to these questions since they can be presumed to be non-transparent if not opaque or head strong. It is my experience that many NGOs are losing money because they are seen to be opaque and egoistic even when their cause is good. They do not deserve support. And in fact their names should be widely circulated.
    Secondly we cannot know anything about their inner working in order to genuinely copy some good points in their functioning ; so when we do this survey we should also try to get their volunteers to join tmad or bosf (after all it costs nothing!) so we can learn and apply their good points or ideas while doing our work as members of tmad or bosf. Please include this aspect in their questionnaire.

  3. Hi, I am Praveen from Glowtide NGO. We provide one meal to the orphanages on daily basis, we collect leftover food from corporations. We are in search of orphanages which are in need. You can help us giving your information, currently looking for orphanages in and around Trimallgri sec bad area.

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