No More Deaths for Lack of Money

Last week there was an incident in Hyderabad where a lady died as a hospital refused to admit her for lack of money. She died before her son tried to arrange the money.

Would like to strive for emergency fund in all hospitals, both govt. and Private, to admit such patients and treat them. Pl. ping me if you want to join this effort or can support in anyway. Write to me –

Also would like to know how it is in different countries? Is there any law which mandates treatment? Any suggestions or ideas on how we can make it effective for both public, govt. and private hospital mgmt. too? Is Insurance a mandatory evil? Can we do away with it?

We need volunteers for the following tasks:

  1. To study US Healthcare system – exclusively about admitting people and availability of healthcare
  2. To study the new Modicare
  3. To study the concerns of private hospitals
  4. To study the concerns of govt. hospitals
  5. To talk to the insurance companies and find their views for feasible schemes

Blood Donation at Blood Banks than in Camps

A blood donation camp will only be successful until and unless it is in an institution or a colony. In institution, they need not have to go anywhere but can donate at work place itself. When it comes to colony, they can donate it near their place of residence. In these scenarios also the success rate will be moderate owing to different constraints.Instead of planning a camp at a place, it would be good if we can ask the donors to go to the blood banks and donate, whenever they find time.
I will share only about the difficulties that we face if we organize:
1. One or more of the volunteers have to co-ordinate to get a venue
2. We need to convince the respective body to give us for free or at a concession
3. We need to make sure that the premises are clean
4. We need to publish posters or banners
5. We also have to make sure to give fruits and/or juice to donors (though the Thalassemia Soceity brings on their own)
6. It takes the valuable time of the team that comes for collection and also incurs Rs. 5000 for each such camp for them.
Instead if we keep the same effort and money on motivating the people to visit Thalassemia center, even if 5 or 10 agree to come, it would be worth it as they get to see the patients. That itself is a motivating factor.
Also those who conduct the generic blood donation camps, if they track, can find out the no. of returning donors for every camp (despite conducting at the same place). If we use the money that we spend and the volunteers that support to take the interested donors to the Thalassemic center, it would be of much value. You are also saving the time (intangible) and money (tangible) of the Soceity resources.
If you see the trade off, you can take an informed choice on the approach.
Chakradhar garu of TeluguOne Foundation (he is not associated with it now), told me once that he does not support blood donation camps. He says that if it is beyond a point, those units will be wasted. Instead if we can go to Niloufer and donate it helps a lot as there would be lot of requirement due to deliveries/child birth.  He says that you can always inform the blood bank in advance about the time and the no. of people willing to donate, they will reserve for you the time and you can donate at the agreed time. The donors need not have to wait and every unit will be well utilized.
One of our members, Suresh Adina, told me that he will donate only at the time of surgeries as it is required the most then. He also has a concern that in the big camps blood units are wasted.


Donate to TMAD


On a cold rainy night, when you see an old man shiver, do you turn away and pretend you saw nothing or walk up to him with a blanket and make a difference?

On the way to work, when you see an ambulance siren on your rear view window, do you raise your glasses and blast the music, or drive to the hospital, donate blood and make a difference?


When you wake up in the morning and look outside your window, and can’t see green trees nor hear sounds of birds, do you blame the government and go back to sleep or do you wake up and plant a sapling and make a difference?


When you see someone helpless, the less fortunate, the underprivileged, do you just count your blessings and walk away, or show some interest to help them to reduce their pain?


Have you made a difference in this world?


It is not charity, it is not sympathy, it is our responsibility.


Come Forward!! Join hands with us to make a Difference!


One of the characteristics that make us unique as an organisation is our limitless vision and boundless compassion. We have undertaken every project which we felt can make a difference in the life of an individual or a community; right from tree plantation drives and blood donation camps to supporting individuals in their need of financial aid.


Every quarter, time and again, we, the TMADians, prove that every drop in the ocean counts. Our passion makes us believe that we can make a difference in this world. We come across so many inspiring people, people who motivated us to do better, to serve more, and to reach out to more people in need. This fuels our desire to serve more.


At the end of this memorable quarter, let us recall all the events that have transpired and give credit to the amazing volunteers here at TMAD, who make us believe that angels live amongst us on earth.



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