What do we do under this cause? The easiest thing to do is to make use of things which we no longer use and are in good condition.


So we can do regular drives of used clothes/utensils/appliances/toys/games and other stuff.  Quarterly drive or three times a year, will be good.


December, March, May, September are the ideal months .


Instead of collecting and gathering all items at once, we will do the campaign and request people to take pictures of the items they wish to donate, their address, contact number and ideal time to talk to them.


We will also gather information from different homes/slums and find out their requirements.


We will do the mapping and we will also use our network of supporters to deliver the items (until and unless they are too big for cars like almirahs). Say, for example, if a donor lives in Lingampally and wants to donate men clothes in Dilshukh Nagar, they will bring to their office and someone among their colleagues who live near Dilshukh Nagar will deliver.


Recently, we got a 5kg Atta bag for a 3k bill on provisions in Food Bazaar. First time when we got it, we distributed to our maid. This time I wanted to donate to TLC Home, which is in Erragadda. Requested my colleagues and one colleague who lives in Kukatpally handed it over in the home.


Our Bangalore member, Kamalnath, received a call from a senior citizen in Hyderabad that he is relocating to Chennai and he has men’s clothes to be given. He was given my number and I came to know that he lives in Srinagar Colony near Sathyasai Nigamagamam. One of our members, Kalyan, collected from him and he will be delivering it to another colleague, Ajay, who lives in Ameerpet.  Ajay will be bringing it to our office and another colleague, Sridhar, will help us in sending it till Dilshukh Nagar/Kothapet. We will then inform the students of Anatha Vidyarthi Gruha or any other home to collect the clothes from there. This is mere networking but co-ordination is required.


What we need?

Very soft cotton clothes – Sarees, Nighties, Dhotis

Good Silk Sarees – To be given to people in slums/villages on the occasion of their marriage (Goonj does it)

Toys/Games – We can distribute to slum schools and children homes

Children’s clothes – can be given in various homes

Appliances/Utensils – Various homes and in slums

Laptops/Computers – To various homes or govt. colleges and schools (if in good condition) or to individual students pursuing higher studies

Books – Different homes or we can set up a community library


Torn clothes but soft cotton – They can be used to make sanitary pads

Broken Plastic, Iron, Paper – Can be given to WoW(wealth out of waste) program of ITC or to any of the local sellers


Any suggestions are also welcome.


I do not use Twitter and Facebook, so request all the readers to circulate to your network.


#Swach ghar-Sacche man or #Clutterfreehome #Reachout #Reuse


Campaign Duration – 19/11/17 to 19/1/18 (November 19th to January 19th)


Any suggestions are welcome. Write to me:


Slum Outreach Program (SOP)

There are many govt. schemes for urban poor and most of us do not have any clue. So despite having scope for support, the poor are deprived.


Ekalavya Foundation, under the programme, Akshaya Vidya, sets up schools in slums. There will be 30 students in each school. They have good reach in most of the slums in Hyderabad. In Borabanda itself, there are 15 AV schools.


To start with TMAD is going to work with one school in Borabanda. One school means 30 students and that means a minimum of 25 families.


We are going to come up with questionnaire about the status of each of the families and after that we will try to work with them to register and get benefitted from all the govt. schemes and programs for which they qualify.


We will verify if they have the following:


  1. Jan Dhan account and if not, if there is any bank account.
  2. Aadhar Card
  3. Ration Card
  4. Health Card


As Education is taken care by Ekalavya Foundation under Akshaya Vidya, TMAD is going to work on providing access to eligible govt. schemes and also facilitate skill development, help in getting employment and livelihood.


Those who are interested to volunteer for this task, pl. write to me:, with your Name, Place, Mobile Number (precisely Whatsapp number), E-mail. If possible, pl. fill the details in this form:


We need people who can do one of the following:

  1. Spend time on Internet and find the various govt. schemes and programs (Both Center and State govts’ and private organizations’)
  2. To talk to bank officials and help in opening the Jan Dhan account and also to switch regular accounts to Jan Dhan accounts
  3. To talk to Health department for issue of health cards
  4. To talk with various govt. departments for different benefits
  5. To talk to different organizations for skill development
  6. To talk with govt. for funding/grant for livelihood
  7. A program manager to co-ordinate the effort
  8. A documentation expert to regularly update the progress made by all these volunteers


Except for the first option, rest all needs on field work and communication skills. Even if you do not have, if you volunteer for this program, you can acquire them. Language might be a concern who does not know Telugu, for the field activities. Nevertheless, they can help in program co-ordination and documentation.

My Visit to Kumudini Hospice

It was an extremely fulfilling visit to Kumudini Hospice Center. Joya madam. Many thanks to Suhasini who suggested Kumudini Hospice to us.


For details about the Hospice, you can visit this Web site:


I am sharing the summary of our conversation with Joya Mam. We, TMAD, are looking for an organization to which public transport is easily available and with which we can have a long term collaboration with regular activities.


On 5th November, Suhasini, Nayana and Krishna visited the center and found the immediate requirements as 50 bed sheets. As this is an institution with  patients, provisions will be a regular requirement. As TMAD celebrates New Year with any activity (this year (2017) we celebrated in Tender Love and Care (TLC) Home in Erragadda and provided provisions with them), we decided to select Kumudini Hospice for New Year activity too.


Thanks to our new members and our regular vendor, Swastik Traders, we are able to raise the required fund of Rs. 10,500 (200 r. per bedsheet and 500 rs. tax) and delivered bed sheets by 11th November itself.



  1. N. S. Vijayalakshmi – 500 rs.
  2. U. L. Ram Prasad – 500 rs.
  3. Krishna Punna – 500 rs.
  4. Dhanya Menon – 500 rs.
  5. Sudha – 1000 rs.
  6. Sridhar Marri – 1000 rs.
  7. Anand – 1000 rs.
  8. Suraparaju Venkata Mallikarjuna Kumar – 1000 rs.
  9. Sravan Ramisetty – 1000 rs.
  10. Janaki – 1000 rs.
  11. Megha Shyam – 2000 rs.
  12. Kishore Kumar Goud Bolgam – 200 rs.
  13. Srilekha Aindala – 100 rs.
  14. U.S. Radhakrishna – 200 rs.

On 12th November, Sudha and I went and Nayana, Mahesh joined us. Kumudini Hospice as 22 beds and the patients here are mostly terminally ill and are referred from M N J Cancer Center. All services here are completely free.

Ambulances go around the city every day for Homecare. A doctor and nurse along with a technician visits patients and treat at home and if there is a need to be admitted, they will admit in MNJ or Kumudini.  For the ambulances to visit, the patients have to register in MNJ Cancer center.


The govt. has pledged support for them and suggested to open similar centers at different places.


We can help in the following ways:

  1. Provide Kitchen utensils and appliances (the estimate is 35k; someone from Canada donated 10k; We, TMAD, want to give 20k)
  2. Give Old Cotton Sarees, Nighties and Dhotis (all should be very soft)
  3. Any chairs, children’s toys and bicycles
  4. To repair the existing rain water pit and also to dig new pits
  5. To support the families of cancer affected patients (in terms of livelihood, education of their children, medical expenses)
  6. To provide extensive coverage for the good work they do (Telangana TV and TV9 covered once)
  7. Plantation (Vegetables and Fruits) after fencing is done
  8. Can donate food on various occasions like B’day, M’day etc., (Rs. 2500 is per day food expenses – most of them are on liquid diet as they are terminally ill)


Apart from these, interested volunteers can get trained. 5000 rs. is the course fee.


SSC passed candidates have three months internship program and a stipend is given during this internship period. Successful candidates who pass the internship will be placed as well.


If you know any families who have cancer patients, they can approach Kumudini Hospice for Home Care. But for that they need to register at MNJ Center.  Nominal fee is charged for home visits.


From TMAD, we will be associating on long term:

  1. To start with we donated 50 bed sheets
  2. We will be contributing 20k (as part of New Year activity) for Utensils
  3. We will be collecting and distributing soft clothes (Sarees, Nighties and Dhoties)
  4. Education and Livelihood support for cancer affected families


Rest of the things we will do based on the availability of volunteers (like Plantation, Rain Water Pits repair and digging).


We also suggested a collaboration for setting up Hospice/Counseling Center in Kovelakuntla in Kurnool Dt., and Bachchareddy Palli which is between Khammam and Nalgonda.

Volunteers: Suhasini, Krishna, Mahesh, Nayana, Sudha, Prasanthi

Gift a Bag to your Near and Dear

Dear Friends and Supporters of TMAD,

The cost of gift does not matter but the intention and thoughtfulness. A backpack is very handy for a day trip or a weekend trip or to carry a laptop. It is useful to people of age groups.

TMAD, which never does any publicity, wanted to promote in a unique way. (Whatever news articles came, those are due to reporters who are our friends and who insisted on covering the activity). We wanted to print our logo on Laptop bags and use them for promotion.

TMAD Bag Promo

Each bag costs around 650 rs. minimum if you buy in open market. Through our vendor who gives us at the most convenient price at no loss basis, we are able to take this up. The cost is Rs. 480 without bill (small vendor). We need an order of a minimum of 30 bags.

For b’day or m’day, consider gifting these bags so that these are very useful and at the same time you are helping people know about a good NGO to donate or to volunteer.

Request you to consider gifting these bags for any occasion or if you are school or college friends or colleagues, buy in bulk or you can donate to students in any govt. high school or govt. college or if you want to give a farewell gift or wish anyone for any occasion, gift this bag.

Thank you.

with regards,


Used Items Collection Drive

As we are about to say good bye to 2016, am sure all of us will be involved in cleaning of all sorts in our house. So let us do a Used Items Collection Drive.


What are the items that we are going to collect?


1. Books (story books, subject books, note books, text books)

2. Toys

3. Household items (utensils, appliances etc.,)

4. Clothes

5. Computer items (Monitor, CPU etc.,)


Any other items that is good for use and which you want to give to others.


I also request our friends to volunteer to collect these items at house. Means we will publish the address of our volunteers so that donors can deposit their items at those locations. 


We can mention the days and timings they can visit and deposit. It is up to us. We can use the first day of Jan and first week of Jan to distribute these items to the needy.


Pl. let me know if you are interested either as host to collect the items in your house and/or to donate used items.


Pl. post in your social networking sites.


Thank you.


with regards,



Blanket Distribution in Hyderabad

Dear Friends,


As usual we are taking up blanket distribution in Hyderabad like we have been doing it for some time, every year.


We ordered blankets from the same vendor, Swastik Traders, whom Ratan ji introduced to us years ago. We are getting each blanket at the cost of 140 rs. per blanket. 100 blankets is our target.




Successfully we did the blanket distribution in two spells and distributed a total of 212 blankets.


Thank you.


ఆ అం… ఆం – Mom’s Morsel

“Mom’s Morsel” – we all would have cherished the meal when our mom or grandmother or aunt says that this is mother’s morsel, father’s morsel, aunty’s morsel etc. In Telugu, it implies ” కొసరి కొసరి ప్రేమగా తినిపించడం.”


How about showering mother’s love to impoverished children!! How about feeding them nutritious food with affection!!


Good idea!! Isn’t it!!


Yes, Friends, we are back with the FDP (Food Distribution Programme) activity which we left long back.  We did Food Distribution in the name of FDP for couple of weeks in the initial years of TMAD. We used to prepare Lemon Rice and Curd Rice and distribute around 50 packets every week, for couple of weeks. You can find the pictures here:




We couldn’t continue due to the dissenting voice in the group. Some members in our group didn’t like the idea of distributing to roadside people.  As it is becoming difficult to get volunteers too, we discontinued the programme.


We are going to restart this activity for the slum children who have to beg in MMTS trains if not for the efforts of an NGO. Every Third Sunday of the month, we will distribute food to 50 to 80 kids.


Note: We do not offer special meal but a healthy meal. Our meal will consist of nutritious food: Mixed Grain Rolls (sajjalu, ragulu veetito chesina undalu like minapasunni), Banana, Brown Rice, one curry, one chutney, Rasam or Sambar.


The estimate is Rs. 2500 per day (only lunch) for 50 students.


We will work on this FDP in the following manner. We will collect Rs. 30,000 in the name of FDP. Till we collect 30k, we have to focus on fund raising for FDP. If we get more amount for FDP, we will increase the no. of days in a month. Say, for example, we get funding of 45k for FDP alone, we will consider 2 days a month for 6 months.


We will restart from Christmas this year. FDP1: 25th December; FDP2: 26th January


To keep us motivated, we want to name this programme as “ఆ అం… ఆం”    – “aa am, aam”, which in turn implies “Mom’s Morsel”. చిన్నపిల్లలకి అన్నం తినిపించడం రాకపోయినా, అలా తినిపిస్తుంటే చూసే వారెవరికైనా ఈ పదాల విలువ తెలిసే ఉంటుంది.  ఆం తిందాము అని పిలుస్తాము. ఆ అం… ఎవరు తింటారు, ఎవరు తింటారు అని అడుగుతూ, దోబూచులాడుతూ పిల్లల చేత అన్నం తినిపిస్తాము.  అందుకే ఆహార వితరణ కార్యక్రమానికి ఈ పేరు పెడితే బాగుంటుంది అన్న ఆలోచన వచ్చింది. ఎలాగూ పిల్లలకే బలవర్ధకమైన, పోషక విలువలు ఉన్న ఆహారాన్ని నెలకి ఒకసారి చొప్పున అందివ్వాలని అనుకుంటున్నాము కాబట్టి ఈ పేరైతే బాగుంటుంది అనిపించింది.


Now…… I will look for donors in the following manner “అవసరమైన మొత్తం ఎవరిస్తారు, ఎవరిస్తారు…..:) క్రిస్మస్ మరియు జనవరి నెలకి ఎవరిస్తారు…..!! ”

నెలకి 2500 రూపాయలు మాత్రమే. ఎవరిస్తారెవరిస్తారు….!!


If any of your friends want to donate or distribute food in remembrance of a loved one or to celebrate any occasion, pl. refer this programme to them. They can join in our food distribution programme.


Solicit your support in this regard. Awaken the mother in you and come forward to feed the young kids, whose hearts you can definitely reach and win through their mouth. You not only fill their stomach but move their hearts too.