Gift a Bag to your Near and Dear

Dear Friends and Supporters of TMAD,

The cost of gift does not matter but the intention and thoughtfulness. A backpack is very handy for a day trip or a weekend trip or to carry a laptop. It is useful to people of age groups.

TMAD, which never does any publicity, wanted to promote in a unique way. (Whatever news articles came, those are due to reporters who are our friends and who insisted on covering the activity). We wanted to print our logo on Laptop bags and use them for promotion.

TMAD Bag Promo

Each bag costs around 650 rs. minimum if you buy in open market. Through our vendor who gives us at the most convenient price at no loss basis, we are able to take this up. The cost is Rs. 480 without bill (small vendor). We need an order of a minimum of 30 bags.

For b’day or m’day, consider gifting these bags so that these are very useful and at the same time you are helping people know about a good NGO to donate or to volunteer.

Request you to consider gifting these bags for any occasion or if you are school or college friends or colleagues, buy in bulk or you can donate to students in any govt. high school or govt. college or if you want to give a farewell gift or wish anyone for any occasion, gift this bag.

Thank you.

with regards,



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