Web sites on RTI Act

Following are the URLs on the Act:

About RTI Act: http://www.righttoinformation.gov.in/

About Central Information Commission: http://cic.gov.in/

Filing RTIs online: https://rtionline.gov.in/

Useful Information on filing RTIs: http://www.rtiindia.org/



About RTI Act

My previous show (the show dated 24th October) has good response and it was on RTI Act. As it seems most of the people are not aware of its benefits, I thought to do another show giving more information on how to file an RTI application.

This is to compile the information in my blog. Also it would be another opportunity for me to update my blog as it has been years that I seriously considered updating it. I am very keen now to spend time on updating my blog. It would be kind of a retrospective view of the activities that I took up.

About RTI Application:

1. You can submit on any white paper.
2. Writing your address and signing on each page is a must (there are instances of rejecting applications quoting that the applicant’s signature is not present on all pages)
3. The fee is 10 rs. in urban areas and metros. You can attach a 10 rs. post order or check. Though the rule permits to accept cash also, as there are not enough provisions to maintain, usually PIOs encourage paying through check, DD or postal order.
4. You have to provide your address. This is to send reply to you. No need to provide any answer on why you need the information. Only criteria is you should be an Indian citizen.
5. You please take two copies (One original and one xerox) if you submit in person. Get signature of the PIO on both the copies which is an acknowledgement of the receipt of the application. This is very essential because RTI is based on DATES.  For the initial application, the reply should be within 30 days (NOT 30 working days).

Prasanthi – Hosting a Talk Show, Marpu Kosam, as RJ Snigdha on TORI

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Am hosting a talk show, Marpu Kosam in the name of To Make a Difference, TMAD.ORG.

To talk about matters of importance and encourage people to realize their dreams of helping people and doing our bit to the society.


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My Interview on TORI, TeluguOne Radio

My interview on TORI about TMAD activities:


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