Celebrities, Extravaganza and Donations

It was a very happy feeling to get in touch with Sravan Kumar Patnaik who was associated with us in the initial days of TMAD as We Will Help You group member. Recently found him on Facebook. We got in touch and we have been discussing about the progress. He is anchoring a program on TeluguOne Radio (TORI) about service activities. He wanted me also to participate. The first one that I listened was on the topic: Celebrities, Extravaganza and Donations.

Shared my views to him through mail. Thought to post them in the blog.

Basically we need not have to comment on others and need not have to make statement on someone else’s work until and unless we contribute or help improve.
Every person has their personal choice on how they want to spend their money. It is very good for all of us also to contribute in the same way as any celebrity. If we consider the ratio, are we spending or donating in the same manner?Celebrities also have to spend lot of effort and they earn their way to the status. We have to focus on the best utilization of the funds that are donated. Also the money can be spent on any cause.
To give an example, people say we have to focus on awareness programs rather than charity. But both should go hand in hand. Similarly if we consider 20,000 rs. for a Thalassemic child it can spent on awareness campaign to control the birth of such thalassemic children rather than spending for the surgery.
Also at times people who are seeking money feel it their right to get from others but they do not take ownership and responsibility of their own life.
for example, blood donation. We get many requests for donors but most of the times immediate family members do not come forward to donate. They look for others.
As far as extravaganza in marriages is concerned, it is not exclusively for celebrities. everyone should think of the best use of money. We need to invite people and celebrate but let it be for meeting people and strengthen the bonds rather than lavish spending. In other way, he would have given opportunity to all the vendors who are involved in making this marriage happen.