ఆ అం… ఆం – Mom’s Morsel

“Mom’s Morsel” – we all would have cherished the meal when our mom or grandmother or aunt says that this is mother’s morsel, father’s morsel, aunty’s morsel etc. In Telugu, it implies ” కొసరి కొసరి ప్రేమగా తినిపించడం.”


How about showering mother’s love to impoverished children!! How about feeding them nutritious food with affection!!


Good idea!! Isn’t it!!


Yes, Friends, we are back with the FDP (Food Distribution Programme) activity which we left long back.  We did Food Distribution in the name of FDP for couple of weeks in the initial years of TMAD. We used to prepare Lemon Rice and Curd Rice and distribute around 50 packets every week, for couple of weeks. You can find the pictures here:




We couldn’t continue due to the dissenting voice in the group. Some members in our group didn’t like the idea of distributing to roadside people.  As it is becoming difficult to get volunteers too, we discontinued the programme.


We are going to restart this activity for the slum children who have to beg in MMTS trains if not for the efforts of an NGO. Every Third Sunday of the month, we will distribute food to 50 to 80 kids.


Note: We do not offer special meal but a healthy meal. Our meal will consist of nutritious food: Mixed Grain Rolls (sajjalu, ragulu veetito chesina undalu like minapasunni), Banana, Brown Rice, one curry, one chutney, Rasam or Sambar.


The estimate is Rs. 2500 per day (only lunch) for 50 students.


We will work on this FDP in the following manner. We will collect Rs. 30,000 in the name of FDP. Till we collect 30k, we have to focus on fund raising for FDP. If we get more amount for FDP, we will increase the no. of days in a month. Say, for example, we get funding of 45k for FDP alone, we will consider 2 days a month for 6 months.


We will restart from Christmas this year. FDP1: 25th December; FDP2: 26th January


To keep us motivated, we want to name this programme as “ఆ అం… ఆం”    – “aa am, aam”, which in turn implies “Mom’s Morsel”. చిన్నపిల్లలకి అన్నం తినిపించడం రాకపోయినా, అలా తినిపిస్తుంటే చూసే వారెవరికైనా ఈ పదాల విలువ తెలిసే ఉంటుంది.  ఆం తిందాము అని పిలుస్తాము. ఆ అం… ఎవరు తింటారు, ఎవరు తింటారు అని అడుగుతూ, దోబూచులాడుతూ పిల్లల చేత అన్నం తినిపిస్తాము.  అందుకే ఆహార వితరణ కార్యక్రమానికి ఈ పేరు పెడితే బాగుంటుంది అన్న ఆలోచన వచ్చింది. ఎలాగూ పిల్లలకే బలవర్ధకమైన, పోషక విలువలు ఉన్న ఆహారాన్ని నెలకి ఒకసారి చొప్పున అందివ్వాలని అనుకుంటున్నాము కాబట్టి ఈ పేరైతే బాగుంటుంది అనిపించింది.


Now…… I will look for donors in the following manner “అవసరమైన మొత్తం ఎవరిస్తారు, ఎవరిస్తారు…..:) క్రిస్మస్ మరియు జనవరి నెలకి ఎవరిస్తారు…..!! ”

నెలకి 2500 రూపాయలు మాత్రమే. ఎవరిస్తారెవరిస్తారు….!!


If any of your friends want to donate or distribute food in remembrance of a loved one or to celebrate any occasion, pl. refer this programme to them. They can join in our food distribution programme.


Solicit your support in this regard. Awaken the mother in you and come forward to feed the young kids, whose hearts you can definitely reach and win through their mouth. You not only fill their stomach but move their hearts too.




Gift a Memory to SSC Students – Sponsor the Excursion to Bidar

A step away from routine is always a relief and if it is for a trip along with friends, if the place is a blend of History and Religion, the experience would be more enriching.

In our life, childhood and school days are memorable and among school days, the excursion would be the most memorable.

Why not we gift such a wonderful memory to the deprived students who deserve every joy but had to contain their wishes due to lack of money!!

Dear friends, my humble request to you to offer support by way of sponsoring the trip.  We, TMAD, plan to take SSC students (70 regular and 10 private) along with the staff to Bidar on an excursion. These students are from a modest background and have never been out of Hyderabad on a pleasure trip.

We thought of taking to Warangal on a two day trip but we could not afford it. When we scouted for a place outside Hyderabad, other than Warangal, for a reasonable cost, we zeroed in on Bidar.

The places we plan to visit:

1. Ettipotala Waterfalls (near Zaheerabad – en-route to Bidar)
2. Lakshminarayan Temple
3. Bidar Fort
4. Lunch
5. Gurudwara
6. Herbal Gardens of Deccan Development Society (tentative depending on the permission)
7. Tombs of Kings (if time permits)

The children are excited and we too. Of course, we are a bit tense with respect to arranging the funding.

A 50-seater RTC Express Bus cost us Rs. 16300 for a 18 hr journey. We need two buses. There would be toll tax too. So on the whole, the cost of travel itself would be 34k to 35k.

Food expense – Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks would be  a minimum of Rs. 200 per head which comes to 20k.

Other miscellaneous expenses (Entry tickets, if any; Photos (hard copies to school), any surprise gifts to children for being an active team (to share about the trip – express by way of speech etc.,) ) 5k.

So, the estimate is: 35+ 20+ 5 = 60k. We collected 33k so far. We still need 27k.


Ugandhar Kalva – 15k

Prasad Charasala – 7k

Anonymous Donor – 5k

Anonymous Donor – 1k

BSR – 1k

Vijay – 1k

Alam Kiran Kumar – 1k

Kalyan – 1k

Pratap Seepana- 1k


Prasanthi, Meghashyam, Sandeep, Binu Kavumkal, Kishore, Sivaji, Geethika

Request each one of you to offer your support. 100 rs. also would add value. Pl. forward to your friends and help.