TMAD plans to adopt a govt. high school, need your helping hand

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Didn’t get time to blog though I have lot of things to share which I will start posting in this week.

This is a quick post as we need to do fund raising to the tune of 5 lakhs to support the govt. high school.

Note: For any case we take up we will first find out and follow up with govt. for any funding that has to be allocated for the project. We also consult Pavan garu who has taken voluntary retirement from the post of the Director of Rajiv Vidya Mission (then Sarva Siksha Abhiyaan). He is very prompt in his response and kind in paying a visit, inspecting the school and giving us advise. All his services were free to us so far. He comes on his own for the school visits too. We owe a lot to him for inspiring us with his intention and readiness to help and promptness in response.

Name of the School:Govt.High School, Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills

Direction: The school is situated in between Filmnagar  16 slums Area.Beside ABN Andhrajyothi TV Channel office

Headmaster:  M.Narayana, 9247870934, 9441675802.

Classes: 6th to 10th

Timings: 12:30 pm to 5 pm

Strength: 650 Students

Background of the Students: All of them are from very poor families. Their parents are daily wage earners and house maids and some of the students  are orphans.



S.No. Item Qty Cost
1. Water Plant or Water Purifier 1  
2. Lunch Plates for Mid-day Meals 300 @ 50 Rs. each Rs. 15,000
3 Dual Desk Benches 100 @  Rs. 1950 each Rs. 1, 95,000
4 Tables for Teachers 15 @ Rs. 1800 each Rs. 27, 000
5 Transport of Dual Desks and Benches Rs. 800 per trip (20 benches in each trip) Rs. 5,000
6 Projector for Science Lab 1  
7 Question Banks – 9, 10th Students 85 – 9th Class Strength

70 – 10th Class Strength

8 Printer 1 Rs. 2, 000 (Epson)
9 Xerox Machine 1  
10 Library Books   Rs. 2,000
11 Subject-specific CDs   Rs. 2,000
12 Uniform for 9th and 10th Students 85 – 9th Class Strength

70 – 10th Class Strength

13 Note Books for 9th and 10th Students 85 – 9th Class Strength

70 – 10th Class Strength


There are other requirements like:

1. Paying salary for teachers (3) and a lab instructor (1)

2. Taking children to a visit to Birla Planetorium, Salar Jung Museum, State Museum etc.,

3. Taking them on an excursion to parks and other places where we can demonstrate the importance of preserving the nature, the natural resources

The funding that would be required is to the tune of 5 lakhs. It would be great if you can refer your friends and help in raising the fund. Any amount is of value and will have a good impact to around 650 children every year who are in dire straits.

We will upload the page on TMAD Web site by this weekend.