Offer help to Tribals – గిరిజన సహోదరులకు చేయూతనివ్వండి

అడకత్తెరలో పోక చెక్కల వలె, తీవ్రవాదుల, ప్రభుత్వ బంటుల మధ్య చిక్కి సర్వస్వం కోల్పోయి, సహజమైన, స్వచ్ఛమైన అరణ్యం లోంచి జనారణ్యంలోకి గెంటివేయబడ్డ అడవితల్లి ముద్దుబిడ్డల ఆలన, పాలన చూసే స్వచ్ఛంద సంస్థ ఆదుకునే ఆపన్న హస్తాల కోసం ఎదురు చూస్తోంది.

మీరిచ్చే పైకం ఎంతో విలువైంది. నూరు రూపాయలతో కూడా నూరేళ్ళ జీవితం అర్థంతరంగా ముగియకుండా కాపాడుకోవచ్చు.

పిసరా, కొసరా అని చూడక…ఎంత వీలైతె అంత… ప్రతి నెలా… పంపండి.
బతుకు పోరాటంలో జవసత్వాలుడిగిన వారిలో జీవం నింపే ప్రయత్నంలో…
మీరు సైతం కలిసి రండి. భాగం పంచుకోండి.

It takes Rs. 5000 per month to run one Alternate Learning School (ALS) which caters to 20 children along with one meal. ASDS runs 23 such schools and are badly in need of funds.

Name of the Organization:  Agricultural and Social Developmental Society (ASDS)

Establishment: 1985

Agenda:  To work for the benefits and the interests of the Tribals. This is by way of working for their constitutional rights as well as other rights such as forest rights, land rights etc. Apart from these, they have also been working on watershed management programme, generation of livelihoods, agriculture promotional activities, prevention of forcible marriages of tribal women etc. 

Place of Work: Khammam

Support of ASDS to IDPs:

  1. Food
  2. Shelter and
  3. Livelihood
  4. HumanRights  
  5. Rights of Food, Work and Shelter


The tentative budget that is required for ASDS to attend to Education along with one time meal support to the children and Health services of one IDP settlement.

ASDS at the moment is working in 140 settlements and operating 23 Alternative Learning Schools (ALS) which have a reach for children in about half of the settlements. Each ALS requires about Rs.59000 of expenses for ASDS, apart from the partial government support it gets.

The health work for each settlement would require approximately Rs.68,000. As you can see, if we can support the education and health expenses for at least a few centres or settlements, it would be  a great help.


Suresh Kumar, (04027823268, 8801880573) –

 In addition to Education and Health services, ASDS also works on other issues of IDP’s such as shelter, work etc. which also need more funds.

 Work of ASDS with the IDPs

ASDS has been the fore-front organization which has been rendering its helping hand to the IDPs both from the short term as well as from the long perspective, for the past 5 years. Over a period of time, it has made definite difference and improvements in the lives of IDPs and has been successfully rendering many of the needs of the IDPs.

 Initially, ASDS started to support the displaced victims by offering them food, clothing etc. after they identified several IDP settlements deep inside the forests through their own networks. Supporting them with the food and clothing took sometime during the initial period since many of the displaced used to run away hearing the sound of their vehicle and also used to suspect them, during their initial period of contact.

 But, gradually, during the course of time, Tribals started to show faith on ASDS when they started to support them regularly with the food and also with emergency medical services which almost took a year. This has enabled the ASDS organization to start rendering other services such as education to the children, work to the elders and the shelters to the families etc. Every service provided by ASDS has involved a certain process of engagement which happened over a course of the time.

 One of the main problems of the IDPs noticed by ASDS during their work is the widespread malnutrition among the children. Almost in every settlement that they have visited, 70-80% of children were noticed to be suffering from malnutrition. There are various levels of malnutrition i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade malnutrition. Most of the children were found to be suffering from 2nd and 3rd degrees of malnutrition. But several of the children were also found suffering from 4th grade malnutrition who were the most vulnerable. In order to address the issue, ASDS started to take the children in the 4th grade malnutrition stage to ITDA (Integrated Tribal Development Authority) hospital where in they underwent a week treatment. This has improved the health of the children and brought the degree of malnutrition down and saved them from fatal. As a follow up, they have started one meal feeding support to all the children of settlements to improve the nutritional levels of children along with conducting several health camps.

Gradually, they have pulled government into the issue, by giving representation about the status of children to the institutions like State Human Rights Commission (SHRC), National Commission for Protection of Children’s Rights, etc. This has resulted in sanctioning of ICDS and mid day meals schemes to the children during the course of time. Now, more than 80% of the settlements they are working have been sanctioned ICDS and Mid Day meals schemes along with the sanction of Alternative Learning Schools (ALS). For the children, who stay in the settlements, it will be hard for them to go the nearby government school walking around 4-5 kilometers every day in addition to the language barrier and also resistance from the parents. With the ALS sanctioned, now educational volunteers themselves go to the settlements and teach children.

 Apart from this, ASDS has also started Residential Bridge Course (RBC) centre, an upper primary school, which includes a hostel, for the children whose families stay even deep inside the forest from where the schools are not accessible daily. At the moment, they are running 4 RBC schools in which about 700 IDP children are getting educated. Last year, 400 of the children who studied in RBCs have been promoted to the ITDA school. This will take care of the children’s education until 10th class with free food and accommodation. This is one of the remarkable achievements of ASDS.

 With the light of the government support for the issues related to the Children, they have also started to approach the government on issues of elders i.e. work and the shelter. By constantly visiting forest department officials and several other government wings, they have now stopped over 85% of IDP village demolitions by the forest departments. Several orders from the court have also helped in this regard. They have made the government to start issuing NREGS cards to the IDPs. 50% of the IDPs now have NREGS cards.

 Apart from the above works, there have been instances where they have personally cleared debts of IDPs and stop the further harassment from the money lenders, saved some of the children suffering severely from various diseases like malaria, malnutrition and vulnerable tumors in various parts of the body and so on, many other life saving examples and several other wholeheartedly rendered works.