Offer our love and money as new lease of life for a 9 yr old boy with skin cancer


Let Bhargav shine bright like his name!!

Case Details

—————From Pavan, Bangalore Coordinator, TMAD Chapter

*Patient Name:* Bhargav Reddy Vurimindi

*Age:* 9 yrs

*DOB:* 04/06/2000

*Father’s Name:* Krishna Reddy V

*Age:* 33 yrs

*Occupation:* Cooli

*Mother’s Name:* V Venkata Ramanamma

*Age:* 28 yrs

*Occupation:* Cooli

*Address:* Ponguru (Vi), Marripadu (M), Nellore (Dt)

*Contact No:* 9652248304

*Annual Income:* Rs. 9600 (as per Aarogya Sri Card)

*History:* Multiple swellings and black pigmentation on face from the age of
8 months.

*Courtesy:* Eenadu, Bangalore edition

*Reporter Name:* Venkateswarlu, Marripadu  (09441870609)

I (Pavan, Bangalore Coordinator, TMAD)  forwarded the earlier Dr Prescriptions from Apollo Hospital, Hyderabad and Chennai Cancer Institute to Dr.Dayanand (Cardiologist, Narayana Hrudayalaya). He forwarded to Dr.Anuradha Rao (Dermatologist, NH Hospitals), she asked me to bring that boy last Thursday. Due to lack of time, Bhargav came yester day for consultation. I accompanied him. We consulted Dr.Anuradha Rao and Dr.Moni (Head of Oncology-Head & Neck Surgery). Dr.Moni said that it is curable and need to be operated asap. They will use the skin from his thigh for operation. I did not get a chance to talk to Dr.Moni regarding operation because he was planning to leave to Kochi. He will be back on Tuesday. As per his assistants, the cost of operation may be around *Rs. 2 Lakhs*. I will talk to Dr. Moni and request for concession.

 Please consider this as high priority case and forward this to ur friends for contributions.

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(Regd. 1506/2007)

Regd. under the A.P Societies Registration Act, 2001
Exempted under Section 80 G of Income Tax (01-04-2008 to31-3-2011)

A/C No: 000801210382
Bank: ICICI Bank Limited
Branch: Khairatabad





This is a very shocking case. The amount as of now is expected to be two lakhs only. Let us join hands and give a new lease of life to this boy.

Please look at the photo of the boy and I am sure you cannot say NO.

Friends, please do come forward specially when doctors say that there is every chance of cure with the surgery.


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