My views

Every person has the urge to serve the society and everyone no doubt had thought of it seriously. But there is always doubt that we being simple individuals who lookafter our own lives can make a difference at all. What if we came out and work for some time or spend some money, as we assure ourselves time and again that nothing can be changed.

I will try to put it in a simple manner.
There are problems, there are NGOs, there are individuals. Let us put it this way. There are problems and there are NGOs guided and supported by generous individuals who work on the problems.

There are problems for long and there are NGOs and individuals too. Then why the hell the problems are so only?

What I feel is everyone has their own limitations. They draw a boundary for themselves and rotate there only.

No cause can ever be served
No wound can ever be cured

If all people collectively work for a cause, purpose be achieved.
How come different people of different ideologies come forward?

You need not come forward at all. Yes. Confine to your own groups.

Yes. You read it right. Groupism should be supported.

I only said to come forward and join hands with others then what is this? Sounds weird?
No. Let me make some sense. Go through the pages. You can understand.



It is not always possible for individuals like us in practical terms to work on big plans. Such plans can only be executed by NGOs who have good funds or the local individuals who have the burning desire to support a cause.

So what we can do!!

Generate funds 

Let all of us form a group. This will be the locus. We will team up and our school friends and colleagues, net friends may also join later on if they wish so.

Let us say 15 members of our class come forward and commit to be a part of the SWG (Social Work Group). We will say some amount (which will be contributed out of own interest, the amount one can afford) should be given every month from our salaries and be deposited into the account in the name of the group.

Account will be maintained by the person who willingly accepts the responsibility.

Work on the projects 

Based on the reports and details, we spend the money either monthly or quarterly. We should spend the money on a cause which gains the consensus of the group. No one in the group must be passive. Everyone must participate.

Groups need not be of classmates. Likeminded individuals are needed to form a group. But working in a group and as a group is must for better results. Group in our colony, group of our school or college friends, group of colleagues, group of net friends (this might be difficult) etc.,

If someone who is not involved in any group and is willing to be part of a group, they should not come into the main group because main group must be one like board of representatives.

Random thoughts

I always wished to start an NGO and adopt villages. Provide direct help to the needy and also let them be self-sufficient.a) Education and Health are two basic things. Ofcourse Education is not the one which we read in regular schools. But the vocational education.

Women in villages are more skilled when compared to their counterparts in towns or cities. They have remarkable diplomacy, communication skills and worth. But they do not have publicity and platform. If we encourage and motivate women, we can rest in peace because the work would be done in the perfect manner, results will be outstanding (Honestly no gender bias is there).

So the steps to achieve all round progress: (Time tested ones. If we read the success stories, they worked in this strategy only)

Identify the youth who are educated and unemployed

  • Train them. Explain them about our ambition, motivate them and let them work. Let them be our representatives.
  • Based on their interests and talent, give them the roles and responsibilities
  • Provide them all kinds of help like how to plan, how to organize, how to execute, whom to contact for what purpose etc.,
  • Encourage the team work and let them report to one person or group who should regularly monitor their activities and guide them.

Gather the women folk

Know their interests. Identify their talents. Train them to become professionals in the sphere of their skill. Provide the required tools.

We should take the responsibility of marketing those handicrafts and all. We should buy and let others buy. Now comes the ‘Swadeshi’ principle. Let us buy the ones prepared by our own people. Display them in our houses. Especially Government Organizations must take up this task.

Secondly, those who are in position in private organizations, advocate the cause and let the companies use the ones prepared by us.

(Majority of the companies are working to promote social causes also. So convincing them would not be a problem. Even MNCs also can be proud of such a decision. Every branch and every office of them would be decorated according to the local culture and tradition. This gives a global look and gives an idea of the specialities of a culture).

Organize health camps

Go literally to each family and perform tests instead of setting up a camp. Anyway the purpose must be served. Each and every individual in each family must be checked and their medical reports must be recorded. (Otherwise just testing and giving medicines is of not much use. Effort goes astray.)

Offer support and training to men

Provide support to men. Train them in their field of interest. Show a means to earn for the men who do not have any scope and hope to work

The organization which adopts the village must look into the training, providing tools, marketing of the finished products and also contact corporate hospitals, see to that the villagers get proper health care. Funds must be raised for those who suffer from severe disorders,  and they should be treated.

All aspects must be taken care of like ‘Clean and Green’ (it need not be of honourable Naidu’s patent), social forestry, games and cultural programmes etc., Find the spark and fan it.

The money generated from the activities of the villagers must be spent again for the work. So care must be taken that NGOs must just invest a capital only at the beginning of the project.

Project Development Life Cycle

The project should consist the following phases.

  1. Survey and identification of people and problems
  2. Devise a plan with the help of people
  3. Provide Training and execute the plan
  4. Encourage them to form a body locally and slowly transfer the authority/responsibility to them
  5. Monitor their activities and provide them guidance and all sorts of help. See to that all the effort is not wasted and should sustain forever.

Album on/for Soldiers

I wish to support our soldiers as much as I can. My idea is to pen few songs on the soldiers and made it as an album and donate the money generated to the Army Welfare Fund. Why songs means that it is the best media to which youth are glued. That is the way we can grab the attention of them to the soldiers and their way of life.For any work, we need soldiers right from protecting our borders, curbing the insurgencies, working during calamities, whatever, they are the first persons to go. When common people are evacuated from the places, soldiers have to go and be there and take part in the relief work and rescue operations.

Soldiers need much support from us. We should emphatically show them that we, common people, respect and regard them. There are many POWs who are in pakistani jails. There are many soldiers who were crippled in war and work. There are many families of soldiers who are leading pathetic lives.

I always wonder why soldiers don’t come out and share with the common man their troubles and how we are enjoying their sacrifices. Ofcourse they get salaries but meagre. Do we dare our lives even if we get money? It needs guts and devotion for motherland.

I pen two to three poems during Kargil war. I will post them under Poems section.

Seeds of motivation

I thank my parents for the values they instilled in me. But for their support and co-operation, I am nothing.

1) In our school, we had a special class only to read books like Chandamama and other child magazines. Our teachers used to explain us the stories of our Independence, National Leaders, Social Reformers, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Panchatantra etc., etc., I think that is then and when the roots of nationalism were planted in me.

2) I completed Hindi Praveena through Dakshina Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha. In the syllabus, naturally we have stories related to independence, our epics etc., The story of Jamunalal Bajaj inspired me the most. He was born into a rich family but being inspired by Gandhiji and the nationalist movement, he curtails his expenditure to Rs. 50 per month and leads a very simple life. He sleeps on the floor etc., Their parents feel a lot for the way their son is leading his life but they can’t do anything because he wedded the ideology and followed it religiously.

3) The lesson ‘New Blue Dress’. It explains how a teacher’s love and concern for a student, revolutionised the image of America. This is the story. There was a school near a slum in America. Children of the slum also attend this school. One girl from the slum is so beautiful and very good at academics in the school. But she is very untidy and wears ugly dress, no proper combing of hair, no proper makeup. Her class teacher loves her so much and feels sorry for the condition of the girl.

So one day she gives a beautiful blue dress and also makes her up well. On the evening when the girl reaches home, her mother couldn’t believe her eyes. How good her daugher is, she amazes and she curses herself for not taking proper care of her kid. On the very second, she cleans her house. Her husband comes home and they together clean their house. Daily they dress up the girl and send her to school. Meanwhile they repair their fence and plant trees. They also work on to make their hut a little better.

Looking at them, their immediate neighbours begin to work. Then the people of the street and the whole slum also gets changed. This change makes news and also the municipal authorities sanctions funds and helps them in their efforts to make their surroundings clean and maintain healthy atmosphere.

The news spread and that way village after village, town after town, city after city developed in America.

4) I read the stories of some villages where tremendous growth is recorded. How was it possible? Because of the iron will of few individuals. Example is the village, Vitner, where all the key roles are performed by women. Some other village where children plays the key role. Also Anna Hajare and his activities. The Bio-con movement (name might be wrong), the person who encouraged scientific cultivation and let the villagers earn profit with Papaya gardens.

Also I read that in Calcutta or Delhi, employees of one organization, residents of a particular colony go out and do some service collectively during weekends.

Actually this exercise serves two purposes. When the families are involved, children will be exposed to the reality and also they begin to learn and understand their responsibilities toward the society. This helps for interaction and development of healthy relationship among families which is very essential. This would serve as both a picnic and also doing our best for a cause. We can just reserve particular days in a month for this kind of work.

Once in a month is also enough. Because every one must spend time with their families and on their personal obligations. This must be the highest priority than anything else.

5) A woman labourer in Maharashtra who donated her earnings and build a hospital for the poor. Her son became a famous surgeon.

All the above planted seeds of motivation in me. I used to think that I too should do something for the fellow beings and for the common good of the society.

Mein… Prasanthi….


Name: Prasanthi

Register/Record Name: Uppalapati Lakshmi Prasanthi

Qualification: M.Sc. Computer Science and M.A. English

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